Microwave Energy Detector

RFD102A-DET: Microwave Energy Detector


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A fully assembled and pretested detector is created from an RFD102A module, a surface mount LED and rigid wires that make a 2.45GHz dipole antenna. Place this detector outside of your microwave while it’s running and move it around the find the maximum electric field areas.  A red LED will light up when >1mW of power at 2.45GHz is detected and will get brighter as the power level increases.  Most power seems to leak from the microwave door or vents on the side but some power also leaks through the window and warns you not to watch your popcorn too closely!  The detector also lights up close to your 802.11b/g Wireless LAN router antennas and flickers as the router transmits and receives. You can also build your own RFD102A-DET from the RFD102A module following the instructions below.  Kits are available by special request and make an excellent educational project for an introductory electronics class or for electronic hobbyists/enthusiasts. DIY Microwave Energy Detector Assembly Instructions