RFD102A-TB: 60Hz…6GHz Energy Harvesting Test Board

RFD102A-TB: 60Hz…6GHz Energy Harvesting Test Board


RFD102A Module Mounted on a Test Board – Assembled w/ Test Data at 0dBm/915MHz

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Get a head start with your electromagnetic energy harvesting application by ordering an assembled evaluation board for the RFD102A module which converts RF energy to a DC voltage. Up to 40V DC output is possible with this test board with input powers up to 33dBm.  The maximum output current is 18mA for this module.  RF to DC conversion efficiencies up to 60%!  RF input matching can be added easily to this board using 0402 surface mounts for series and shunt matching elements so your design can be optimized for your frequency. Additional header holes allow for direct soldering of your coax or antenna to this board for flexibility.  Mounting holes are provided for 2-56 screws. Please be sure to hold the SMA connector while tightening to a coax cable instead of holding the PCB to avoid flexing the PCB and breaking the solder joints between the PCB and the module. Please email a request for pricing for quantities over 25.