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RF Diagnostics, LLC designs and sells surface mount RF to DC converters and other building block modules for energy harvesting systems. With our products you can harvest ambient AC/AM/FM/Wireless Energy to power your IoT battery free system.  We also provide custom designs for RF/microwave and general electrical engineering products and design contracting services to clients in the commercial wireless and defense electronics businesses. We strive to be a high quality and cost effective design resource for your design team.

 Our Design Services

Energy Harvesting Module & System Design

Any of our standard products can be customized for your application. We can support your application with matching, testing, antenna design, assembly and many other tasks. Have a new idea for a product? We can help you realize it.  We are developing new products and are always interested in your feedback to guide our product development.

MMIC Design

At RF Diagnostics we use Keysight’s Advanced Design System for MMIC design and PCB design. Previous designs completed are quad-band GSM power amplifier modules, 2.4-2.5GHz/5-6GHz wireless LAN power amplifiers, broadband power amplifiers, switch-filter designs, RFID detectors, RF/DC converters and filter designs.

Front End Module Design

We use Keysight’s Advanced Design System and Orcad PCB Editor for Front-End Module designs. Previous design examples are high-volume switch filter modules, dual-band 802.11a/b/g front end modules, 76GHz car radar module, RFID card design.

RFID Detector System

On an NSF Phase I & II grant to one of our clients, operating as a subcontractor, the RF Diagnostics design team created a complete RFID MEMS resonator detection system. Both hardware and software were developed under this contract. The work was published at an SPIE conference in July 2010.